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Setting up an account on is easy and free of charge. You just have to decide whether you're goint to use your Facebook account or your email

If you choose to sign up using your email, please click on Register and Play and fill in the fields provided. Once you've completed them all, we'll send an email to the address you've given us to verify your account.

It is not allowed to log in with a temporal account like yopmail, mailinator, fakeinbox …

If you wish to set up your account using Facebook, click Play with Facebook and enter your account details. If you choose to use your Facebook account, you won't receive a verification email as confirmation is automatic.

Once you've registered, you can get things rolling by winning coins, taking the title of the RanKing and having a great time on the best slot machines.

Have you checked your spam folder? Sometimes the email manager files it in this folder. If you find the email, save it by marking it as 'not spam', and make sure to remove us from your spam list so that any news we send you will get through to you.

Looked in spam and it's not there? Maybe it got lost along the way. Get in touch with us and we'll help you look for it.

If you've forgotten your password, just follow these simple steps:

  • Click the 'recover password' link in the log in window:
  • Enter the email address you used to register with, and we'll send a mail to that address to recover your password.
  • You'll receive an email with a link. Click on the link to enter your new password. If it doesn't appear in your inbox, check your spam folder.
  • The link will take you to a page where you can enter your new password. Once you've saved it, you'll be able to enter the site again with your user name and new password.

Sure you want to delete your account? If you do so, you won't be able to recover your profile with all the progress you've made so far.

If you're sure about deleting your account, should you wish to return to our website in the future, you'll be able to set up a new user name easily but it will be a completely new account, without your current progress.

If you wish to leave the game, go to 'change your profile' and at the bottom of this screen, you'll find the delete your account option. Give us your email, user name and tell us why you wish to leave. We'll process your request within 72 hours.

To find your favorite slot, just type its name in the searcher.

Where's the searcher? It appears at the top of the categories of our games and is marked with a small magnifying glass. Where it says "find your game", type the name of the slot you want to access and if the words match, it will appear just below you so you can start having fun!

It's really easy! Level up and unlock games. Don't like to wait and want to play your favourite machine without having to level up? Then use the gems and get the machines of your choice..

If you still don't have them available, you can access the gem shop and buy the ones you need. Once you have unlocked the game, you only need to select it again on the home screen to start your games.

The trophies are more than something to show off to your friends, The more valuable the trophy, the bigger your bag!

  • Wooden trophy: increases your bag by 200 coins.
  • Bronze trophy: increases your bag by 600 coins.
  • Silver trophy: increases your bag by 1.200 coins.
  • Gold trophy: increases your bag by 3.000 coins.
  • Diamond trophy: increases your bag by 6.000 coins.
  • Legendary trophy: increases your bag by 15.000 coins.

Remember that you can pick it up every 4 hours and, in addition, your initial bag will contain 5.000 coins!

Trophies are the rewards of becoming a master of the games. Each game has its own trophies so you'll need to check the exact amount of prizes you have to win to get the trophy, on each of the machines.

You can achieve a maximum of 6 trophies on every machine which are wooden, bronze, silver, gold, diamond and legendary

To see your trophy gallery, you can go to you profile on and select the option that it says “Trophies”

To see the trophies of a machine, you can see it on the page of the machine that you want to see the trophies, you only have to click where it says “+info” and you will see the trophy list that you have achieved for that machine and the ones that you have to achieve.

Welcome to the Daily Challenge! Every day you'll find new challenges, the more challenges you complete the closer you'll be to getting the gift. Now, the Gift is earned by completing ALL the challenges of several consecutive days.

Each challenge has its individual reward, and you must complete them within 24 hours because the challenges change every day.

If you get ALL the challenges of the day you can unlock the EXTRA CHALLENGE! This will make it possible for you to get the Gift faster.

The Gift is obtained by completing the bar before the time runs out. The bar is completed by overcoming the challenges of the days that the mission lasts. Remember that the reward will vary depending on the level of each user.

The mission has a fixed duration, you can check how long it will be available in the lower right corner of the screen.

All you have to do is enter the game that is indicated or, if none in particular appears, choose the machine that you like the most and start spinning the rollers, it's that simple!

You can change any challenge ONCE but for this you must use your gems, if you decide to make the change there will be no going back and your challenge will be replaced by a new one.

Mini prizes are rewards you get on your way to the Gift. Advance through the bar to collect the different mini prizes.

You can collect all the prizes by going to the Daily Challenge tab and clicking on them as they become available.

At all registered users accumulate experience thanks to the games they play and this levels you up. New games will be unlocked as you level up; you'll earn coins and, in special levels, you'll get shimmering gems.

If you go into your account and your level isn't the same as when you left it, this might be because:

If you've never entered the site via Facebook until now, you might have created a new account with your social media account.

How do you get back to your regular account? Easy, just sign out and then sign back in with your user name and email.

The RanKing is the classification of all players on the site. It's refreshed every month and a new battle begins to find out who will claim the site's throne and proclaim themselves the new king of

Obtain more coins and improve your position in the Ranking! The higher the position, the better the prizes!

The points that will help you beat your friends are prizes won in the games. The more prizes you win, the higher you'll climb!

Bear in mind that your purchase might take a few minutes to be added to your scoreboard. If this happens to you,let us know so that we can try and sort out the issue for next time.

If you've bought coins or gems and not received them, there might have been a problem in the payment process. Get in touch now and tell us which payment method you used, your user name and what you were buying.

We'll look into what might have happened and find a solution.

Gems can be used to get that machine you really like without having to pass the required levels. However, keep in mind that the higher the difference between your level and the level required to unlock that machine, the more gems you'll need.

  • Level up! You will be rewarded with gems that you can use to get that machine you like so much at special levels.
  • Accomplish daily missions! In addition to succeeding in your the daily Adventure Slot missions and receiving the reward in the chest, you can access additional gems as part of your prize.
  • Beat your opponents! It is very important that you climb positions because we will now reward you every month with extra gems for your position in the ranking. Everyone gets a prize!

In addition, you can also obtain more gems any time you wish by entering our treasure store.

The gems are so special, that only works to unlock a game, that's why they cannot be turned into coins, they will lose their magic!

You can get free coins in the following ways:

  • Daily bonus. This refers to free coins that we give you each day you play on the website. The more days in a row you enter the site, the higher the bonus!
  • Bonus every 4 hours. On our website, you'll be able to get free coins every four hours. We'll give you more coins as you get more trophies!
  • Levelling up. Gain experience and level up to get shiny coins. The higher you get, the more coins you'll earn!
  • In the Ranking, climb up the ranks and get coins when it ends. Become the Slot King and get up to 5,000,000 coins!

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Coins are non-transferable. They cannot be exchanged with other users or sent to friends or family members.

Is the website or a particular game acting strangely? Don't worry, our technicians are bound to be working on it.Send a message providing all the details of the incident and we'll find a solution as soon as possible.

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