Nevada: big rewards with just one slot game!

If you are a great lover of online slots for free, Nevada is going to be one of your favourite online slot games! The usual fruits and pictures collected in three reels and one central payline willing to fulfil your desires of playing for high stakes.

Get ready to face amazing rewards spread over a few winning spins. Will you be able to make the right combinations in the central payline in order to get the greatest prizes of Nevada? What are you waiting for testing your strategy and trying your luck in this exciting online slot game for free? Face the challenge!

mininevada - The Game  
mininevada - Minigame  
mininevada - Big win  
Game Instructions

This is a classical slot machine that uses all the fruits symbols that you are accustomed to see in the best casino slots. Match them to win an endless amount of coins. Nevada is a machine for the ones that want to play hard, don’t expect to find prizes in each spin, but when you do, the reward will be worth the wait. The mute button silences the game and the “?” button shows the help page.

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