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The www.slot.com Website (hereinafter, the "Website") is owned by the company SOCIAL GAMES ONLINE, S.L. (hereinafter “SOCIAL GAMES ONLINE” or the “Company”), a Spanish company registered in Carretera Castellar, Number 338 08226 Terrassa (Barcelona), with Tax Identification Number (CIF) B-98.549.611 and registered in the Mercantile Registry of Barcelona Volume 43847, Sheet 22, Page B-440114, Record 2

The Company makes the www.slot.com Website available to Internet users so they can play slot games available on the Website and compete against their friends if they so desire.


These terms of use, together with the Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy, governs use of the www.slot.com Website. These terms of use are available on the Website in Spanish and English so you can consult, archive or print them at your convenience. SOCIAL GAMES ONLINE recommends that you carefully read these Terms of Use to access the Website and in any case before using it.

When the user accesses the slot and casino games via the Slot.com App, these terms and conditions will also be applicable.

For any issues relating to the management carried out by SOCIAL GAMES ONLINE of your personal information or cookies, please see our Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy, also available in Spanish and English on the Website so you can consult, archive or print them at your convenience.

These Terms of Use, as well as the Privacy Policy and the Cookies Policy, were drafted pursuant to the regulations applicable to the Internet, e-commerce and data protection, including Act 34/2002, on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce, and (EU) Regulation 2016/679 from the European Parliament and the European Council held on 27 April 2016 concerning the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free circulation of said data, which overrides Spanish Organic Law 3/2018 of 5 December on Personal Data Protection and digital rights guarantee.


Access to the website is free of charge, excluding connection costs stemming from the use of the telecommunications network provided by the access provider that you have contracted.

By using the website you become a website user (hereinafter, the “User”), which means that you fully accept these Terms and Conditions of Use, as well as the Privacy Policy and the Cookies Policy.

SOCIAL GAMES ONLINE informs you that using the electronic payment system available on the Website to acquire virtual coins or goods may constitute a criminal offense in the following cases:

  • If false information is provided regarding the buyer or the card number used as means of payment.
  • If information from anyone other than the buyer is used.
  • If the buyer poses as the card holder of a card not belonging to them.
  • If card numbers generated by computer programs or similar algorithms are used.

In said cases, SOCIAL GAMES reserves the right to block any purchases made on its platform by users having displayed any of the above or similar behaviors.

The website www.slot.com incorporates appropriate protection measures and uses industry standards to improve the security, integrity, thoroughness, accuracy and protection of the personal information that it gathers and stores, and has implemented all reasonable precautions to protect said information from loss or misuse. The rules that govern data protection and security are reviewed periodically and improved where necessary, and precautions are taken to ensure that only authorized people can access the information provided by the User. You can learn more about how we process your data by reading our Privacy Policy


Minors are strictly prohibited from using the www.slot.com Website. When you access and browse the Website, you tacitly declare that you are of full legal age and that you have the legal capacity to use the Website, likewise also undertaking that you understand and fully accept these Terms and Conditions.


The Company makes the www.slot.com Website available so you can play slot games of your choice available on the Website and if you wish compete socially with your friends or other players.

You can freely surf the Website and access it as many times as you like without having to register.

You need to sign up to:

  • Play all of the games available on the website.
  • Unlock new games by completing levels.
  • Buy virtual coins to use in the games.
  • Buy virtual goods to unlock games.
  • To be able to obtain free gems by beating levels.
  • Compete with friends and other players.

You will need virtual coins to play slot and casino games, and virtual goods to unlock them. You can buy them by clicking on the virtual coins and goods store get them for free as you beat more difficult levels in the games.

On the other hand, the Company may provide the User, at its sole discretion, with virtual coins or goods as a reward for different achievements, such as accessing the Website, signing up, playing for a specific amount of time, etc. This will allow the User to play the slot and casino games available on the Website for free.

In the purchase process section of these General Terms and Conditions you can learn about the steps you will need to follow to buy virtual coins and goods.

SOCIAL GAMES ONLINE will not award the User with any prizes in the form of money or goods. Under no circumstances does using the Website or participating in the slot and casino games that it hosts entail an obligation, on the part of the Company, to reward the User with any kind of prize, neither in the form of money nor of goods. The only goal of the slot and casino games available on the www.slot.com website is to accumulate points and generate social interaction via the slot games. Under no circumstance will said points be redeemable for money or goods. The slot games available on the www.slot.com website do not provide the User with any kind of prize beyond accumulating points.

As a User of the www.slot.com website, you commit to use the Website in accordance with these Terms and Conditions of Use, in good faith and pursuant to current laws. You will therefore be held accountable to the Company and any third party for any damages arising from the infringement of these Terms and Conditions, good faith or current laws while using the Website.

In any case you should refrain from:

  1. Reproducing, distributing, publicly communicating, transforming or modifying the Website or any of its contents, including these Terms of Use, regardless of the purpose of such use, without prior written permission from the Company.
  2. Introduce data programs to the Web or its network that could cause damage to the Company’s computer systems, or those of its suppliers or third parties.
  3. Perform any act that is unlawful, fraudulent, contrary to these Terms of use, current legislation and/or good faith, or that prevents and/or impedes the proper use of the Website or its contents.
  4. Embed in external websites, platforms, forums, chats, blogs or social networks any link that allows mirroring or reproducing the website or the contents thereof in such websites, platforms, forums, chats, blogs or social networks, except if the link directs users directly to the main page of the Website, not reproducing it in any way.
  5. Link or reproduce the Website or its content from outside websites, platforms, forums, chats, blogs or social networks that are contrary to law, offensive or attempts against human dignity, fundamental rights or the Company itself and/or are likely to be regarded as criminal.
  6. Enter and/or spread on the Website contents that violate human rights and the dignity of persons such as content that is racist, xenophobic, pornographic or involving advocacy of terrorism.


SOCIAL GAMES ONLINE offers you different slot games on its Website. Each game has its own rules, which you will also find detailed for each game on the Website. In the game rules you can read about how to play each game, achievements and trophies that can be obtained, available bonuses and any other features of the games which you might need to know in order to play.

Although SOCIAL GAMES ONLINE makes every effort to have all games duly available and up-to-date for Users, it is possible that for different reasons (e.g., technical reasons or repairs, updates or improvements, legal requirements, commercial or business concerns, etc.) some of the games stop being temporarily or permanently available, vary or are withdrawn from User access on the Website, without any liability attributable to SOCIAL GAMES ONLINE.

You can get more information about our games in the FAQ section of our website www.slot.com/contact


Users who want to access the website, as well as play the games that it hosts, must sign up first.

For detailed information on how the company SOCIAL GAMES ONLINE uses your personal information, please read our Privacy Policy carefully. You will find a link to it in the online sign-up form.


In order to use our services you will need to create an account, which will be personal and for your exclusive use. If you choose to create one, you commit to take all necessary measures to protect your login information and keep it confidential.

All unauthorized purchases or consequences resulting from inadequately safekeeping your information will be your sole responsibility. Therefore, we shall not be liable for any losses resulting from unauthorized parties accessing your account or using our services.

We accept no liability for any losses or damages resulting from said unauthorized use, whether it is fraudulent or of any other nature.

To prevent fraudulent access and/or use of your user account and password by third parties, we advise you to follow these guidelines:

  • Use a password made up 8 or more characters, including letters, numbers and symbols.
  • Don’t use dates, names or any other information that is or can become known.
  • Whenever you visit the website and log in with your username, make sure to log out before leaving.
  • Don’t share your password with third parties.
  • Don’t save your password or activate the “Save password” option in your browser.
  • If you access our website from a computer other than the one you usually use, make sure to log out when you’re done.

If you delete or cancel your www.slot.com account, you’ll no longer have access to any of the information previously associated with it, without being able to recover the account linked to your username (including your progress in our games, the level you were on, your score for each game or any virtual coins or goods associated with your account).

To delete your user account, you must:

  1. Log in.
  2. Go to the Profile page.
  3. Go to the Edit Profile option (by clicking on the pink button with a gear icon).
  4. Click on the Delete Account option.
  5. Follow the steps indicated until the account deletion activation process is complete.

Once the account deletion is activated, your account will be blocked for 7 days, after which all account and game data will be permanently deleted and cannot be recovered.

If you log in again during this blocking period, you will be notified if you want to cancel the account deletion process.

9. SLOT.COM - Free Slot Machine Ap

These Terms and Conditions shall also apply to the “SLOT.COM - Free Slot Machine” App.

You can download our application to keep enjoying our games from your mobile device. If your device uses iOS, you can download the “SLOT.COM - Free Slot Machine” app from Apple Store. If, on the other hand, your device uses Android, you can download it via Google Play Store.


Buying virtual coins (hereinafter, “coins”) to play the slot and casino games and/or buy virtual goods to unlock games available on the site is very easy.

To buy virtual coins or goods the users only has to:

  1. Click on the virtual coins or goods store.
  2. The site will display a screen showing the different bundles of virtual coins or goods along with their corresponding prices. All the User has to do is click on the bundle of virtual coins or goods that they wish to buy and accept these General Terms and Conditions, as well as our Privacy Policy.
  3. Once the chosen item has been clicked on, a new screen will be displayed showing the total amount of the purchase and prompting you to choose your desired payment method.


Our games include virtual coins, goods or other objects, such as gems, that can be used in our games. These virtual coins or goods can be obtained either for free or by purchasing them online.

You can win free coins by accessing the game daily, on a consecutive basis, and as a reward when you accept and complete the Daily Challenge that will be displayed onscreen. Likewise, the number of virtual coins in your account will grow alongside the trophies that you win.

Additionally, you can be rewarded with gems to unlock games each time you level up and with virtual coins when you complete the Daily Challenge and climb up in the ranking.

Take into account that once they have been purchased, virtual coins, goods and other objects have no monetary value, and cannot be exchanged for real money or goods. All virtual coins or goods that you obtain, whether you buy them, receive them as a reward for accessing the game several days in a row or or after beating more difficult levels during the game, are linked exclusively to your user account and cannot be transferred to anyone else. The User does not own the virtual coins or goods that they obtain; they purchase a limited and revocable personal license for their use.


The price reflected for each set of coins on the Website corresponds to the current price at the time the user accesses it and includes taxes. In any case, VAT is applied according to the corresponding legally established rate.

SOCIAL GAMES ONLINE is not obliged to supply any set of coins marked incorrectly at lower prices (even after the “Purchase Confirmation”) if the pricing error was obvious and unmistakeable and could have reasonably been known by the user and/or the Company.

SOCIAL GAMES ONLINE likewise reserves the right to unilaterally change prices of products offered on the Website at any time, although this amendment does not affect, except as mentioned above, the orders made previously by the User.


To make purchases from the Web www.slot.com , you can pay using VISA, Mastercard, American Express or Paypal, depending on the country where the purchase is being made from.

All purchases made using the “SLOT.COM - Free Slot Machine” app will be processed through the App Store for Apple devices and Google Play Store for Android devices.


The right of withdrawal is the power you have within 14 calendar days of receipt of the order to terminate a contract without presenting any justification to the Company or being subject to any penalty.

SOCIAL GAMES ONLINE informs the user that the virtual coins are digital content and that buying virtual coins to play with on the  www.slot.com Website does not imply ownership of the virtual coins but acquisition of the licence to use said digital content.

Consequently, pursuant to the regulations involving consumers and users, since the virtual coins you can buy on the  www.slot.com  Website are digital content which are not provided on tangible media. The aforementioned right of withdrawal is not applicable to purchased digital coins once purchase of the same has begun, i.e., once you have the purchased virtual coins in your account. Thus, by accepting these Terms and Conditions, you agree that once you have begun to purchase the digital coins, i.e., once you have the purchased virtual coins in your Website account, you lose your right of withdrawal.


User care is very important for SOCIAL GAMES ONLINE and the Company therefore makes available to users an online contact form so users can contact the Company if they have any questions, feedback or to request information about these Terms or the buying process, to make a suggestion or post a complaint.


The website and all its contents (text, software, graphics, etc.) are protected under Copyright/Intellectual Property law. The Company is the owner or has duly licensed all Copyright and Intellectual Property rights on the Website and its contents.

Any form of reproduction, distribution, public communication, processing, provision and, in general, any other act of public use, whether for profit or not, of the Website or its contents, without the express prior written consent from the Company, is forbidden. As long as Users accept and comply with these Terms and Conditions, they will own a nonexclusive license to use the Website and its personal and non-transferable content for the sole purpose of using the Website and its contents in the terms and conditions stipulated in the Terms and Conditions.

The Company reserves all Copyright and Intellectual Property rights on the Website and its contents. In no event and under no circumstances will access to the Website or browsing the same constitute or imply a transfer of any kind by the Company of the copyright or intellectual property rights of the Website or its contents.

By accepting these Terms and Conditions, the User grants SOCIAL GAMES ONLINE all rights to copyright for all countries of the world to use all content created by Users for using the Website, such as photos, usernames, etc., until such content enters the public domain, including image rights for the photographs on the User's account.


As a User, you undertake to use the Website and its contents as provided in these Terms of Use, current legislation and good faith. Using the Website or its contents contrary to these general conditions, the law or good faith, regardless of whether or not such use is for profit, is expressly forbidden.

Users are solely responsible for providing their data correctly in the registration and purchase process included in the  www.slot.com Website, and should pay special attention with regard to the introduction of personal data. Likewise, Users are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and secrecy of their username and password.

As a user, you will be liable for any loss or damage caused to the Company or third parties directly or indirectly from any use you make of the Website or its content contrary to these Terms, the law, morality, public order or good faith.

The Company requires the services provided by third parties for the Website and its contents to be accessible. It is possible that despite the efforts made by SOCIAL GAMES ONLINE to keep the Website available and accessible, its availability may be suspended or terminated for reasons beyond the Company’s control. The Company therefore does not guarantee an absence of interruptions or errors in accessing the Website or its contents or that they are updated or displayed in their latest version. Accordingly, the Company declines any liability for damages that may result to the User as a result of the suspension, interruption, lack of continuity, network failure or Website downtime, etc.

In no event and under no circumstances will SOCIAL GAMES ONLINE be liable for any damages caused to the User not attributable to the Company such as, by way of example and by no means exhaustive, natural disasters, acts of God or extreme emergency situations, viruses, malware, browser malfunction, computer intrusions or attacks by third parties.

SOCIAL GAMES ONLINE strives to keep the latest version of the Website up-to-date, which is why the Company performs the maintenance and updating tasks both of the Website and its contents. However, it is possible that despite the efforts of the Company, the Website and/or its contents are not displayed or updated according to the latest version, and thus SOCIAL GAMES ONLINE undertakes no obligation to display the Website and/or its contents in its latest version or in its latest update. The Company is not liable in any way for any damages that may result from the lack of updating the Website or its games and content.


External websites, platforms, forums, chats, blogs or social networks connecting or linking to the Website should clearly inform users that they do not have the Company’s authorization or supervision to do so and that such a relationship or link does not imply, assume or involve any association whatsoever between the Company and the external websites, platforms, forums, chats, blogs or social networks connecting or linking to the Website.

In any case, any link that directs traffic to the Website should be linked directly to the home page of the Website by clicking on the Website’s URL, covering the whole screen of the Website’s home page.

The Company is not liable in any way and under any circumstances for the contents, information or data regarding the Website, its content or any other matter contained in external websites, platforms, forums, chats, blogs or social networks connecting or linking to the Website.

Linking to the Website from other sites, platforms, forums, chats, blogs or social networks that are contrary to the law, morals and decency, especially those with pornographic, unlawful, illegal, or against human rights is expressly forbidden.

Conversely, the Website may contain links to other third-party sites, platforms, forums, chats, blogs or social networks. Despite our best efforts, the Company does not have human and/or technical means to know or control information and/or content appearing on the websites of third parties. Therefore, the Company shall in no way be responsible for the content of linked sites and in no way may these links be considered effective knowledge of the content of target sites.

Should you detect that the external websites, platforms, forums, chats, blogs or social networks linked to in our Website are contrary to the law or if any content is contrary to law or your rights, you may notify the Company through the online form available on the Website, specifying the following information:

  • Personal and contact information of the user: name, address, telephone number, e-mail.
  • ID number (DNI or passport)
  • Identification and complete description of the allegedly illegal content or supposedly unlawful use of a particular content:
    • Precise and specific explanation of protected content and its location.
    • What is the alleged illegal content or illegal use of the content.
    • Specify if claimant user owns the illicitly used content.
  • Declaration signed under the responsibility of the claimant user that:
    • The information contained in the complaint is accurate and truthful.
    • He or she is the legitimate owner of the content in question or, if not, that he or she is duly authorized to act on behalf of the legitimate owner of the infringed content.


As stated in our Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy , the Company agrees to make a confidential and appropriate use of the data protection legislation with regard to users’ personal data, respecting their confidentiality and using them according to the purposes stated in our Privacy Policy.

Likewise, SOCIAL GAMES ONLINE undertakes to comply with its obligation to properly store personal data of users and adopt all measures to prevent alteration, loss or unauthorized access in accordance with the provisions of current legislation concerning the protection of personal data.

The Website includes appropriate safeguards and uses industry-standard technology to improve the security, integrity, completeness, accuracy and protection of personal data collected. Likewise, it has established reasonable precautions to protect this information from possible loss or misuse. Its data protection and security guidelines are reviewed regularly and enhanced as necessary, and it strives to ensure that only authorised people can access the information you provide.

To learn more about the Company’s privacy policy, please read our Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy.


These Terms of Use will be in effect for as long as they are exposed to Users, so when they are completely or partially modified or updated, these conditions will cease to apply, and the new terms of use will regulate Web usage.

The Company reserves the right to review, modify or update these Terms of Use at any time, in which case it will post a notice on the home page of the Website to that effect so that Users are properly informed and may consult the reviews, changes or updates to their satisfaction.


Users may make any claims whenever they so wish. To do so, write to the address support@slot.com


In no event may the Company’s failure to exercise its rights be understood as a waiver thereof.

The headings contained in these terms are merely indicative and informative, so they do not affect, qualify or extend the interpretation thereof.

In the event that any provision contained in these Terms is held to be invalid, unreasonable or unenforceable, in whole or in part, by a judicial or administrative body, that statement will only affect the clause in question, which will be regarded as non-existent. The declaration of invalidity, abuse or unenforceability shall under no circumstance be applicable to other conditions, which will remain in force.

These Terms of Use, together with the Privacy Policy and the Cookies Policy are governed by Spanish legislation at all times.

14 March 2019.