Free Online Video Slots

Welcome slots fan! If you are here, it’s because you like video slots.

It’s no surprise, since they are the most common type of slot machine. They first came about as a logical evolution to the classic slot machines. Their design possibilities are infinite and they evolve in leaps and bounds. These slot machines are easily identifiable because they have a more complex system of play, improved quality and diverse graphics.

What are you waiting for? Spin the reels and enjoy the most popular video slots available right now!

History of video slots

Video slots broke into the market in 1976, but at that time we weren’t able to play from home (with a smartphone or computer) so you had to go to the casino. They gained popularity and became the undeniable stars of the most famous Las Vegas casinos from 1976 to 1996. In the 1990s they made the jump to the Internet and in recent years to apps. Did you know that?

Now that we can play from anywhere at any time, there’s no more excuses not to spin the rollers of the most famous slot machines and win all their prizes.

Video Slots play mode

Video slots have a more complex betting system than classic slot machines. It varies greatly depending on the game, although as a general rule you have to select the bet for each line. The difference is that there are powerful graphics related to the theme and sophisticated variables that alter the behavior of the game. You will often find free spins, boosters, multipliers, wild symbols and scatter symbols. 

Make sure you know all the extra figures so you can bet strategically and not leave it all up to chance.

How to play video slots?

To play a video slot on, you just have to register, unlock it and start playing. Make sure to choose one with your favorite theme and read the instructions well, because unlike traditional slot machines there are more variables that change the behavior of the game. That’s why they are so popular with the sharpest players. 

Tips for playing video slots

The best tip that could give you to help you play one of these machines is to have a good understanding of the special features of the slot machine before you start your game. This includes basic aspects like the betting system, rollers, number of lines, etc. That and understanding how to get free spins are essential for advancing in the game. You’ll have all this information in the description of the game and in the instructions. And, in many of our machines you’ll receive tips on the screen with all this information.

The number of reels in the video slots

The most popular video slots have a system of five reels and three rows, although we have more and more machines that break this pattern and have six or seven reels or irregular grids. Did you think you had seen it all? Discover all the different kinds of slot machines and choose the one that gives you the best combination of reels.

The number of lines

In our current video slots there is no pattern in terms of prize lines, and although you can often find games with 20, 30 or 40 prize lines, there is a wide range. We recommend reading the instructions well and using the visual rules superimposed over the lines above the game. This will make it easier to track whether you have the winning combination.

The more prize lines and the higher your bet, the bigger your prize can be. If you like taking risks, this is your game!

Themes of video slots

Fruit themes are often featured on classic slot machines (cherries, lemons, oranges, grapes, strawberries, pears, berries, watermelons) but the varieties in video slots are infinite.

The most popular among our slot fans are:

• Animals

• Egypt

• Vikings

• Caribbean

• Zombies

• Gangster

• Wild West

• Gods

• Greece

• Futurist

• Vampires

• Christmas

• Magic

Betting options

In video slots there is no general pattern in terms of the betting system. What you need to notice is the number of prize lines you have and the bet for each one of them, as well as if you are playing manually or automatically.

You choose how much to risk, and if you like a thrill don’t hesitate and bet high on your favorite slot machine. If you are more cautious, spin the rollers of the video slot you prefer and always pay attention to the bet.

Prize lines

At first slot machines had three reels and a single central pay line, so identifying the prize was extremely simple. But as the graphics improved, video slots also developed more sophisticated rules so that slot fans wouldn’t get bored. That’s why on our website you’ll find video slots with lots of different prize lines. You’ll see machines with 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50 or 100 lines that, combined with the theme and number of reels, provide you with an immensity of games that will never leave you bored.

There are no excuses! Now you have a wide variety of video slots from which to choose your favorite: with more reels, with more prize lines, with thousands of themes and a wide variety of prizes.


Basic differences between video slots and classic slot machines

The rules are actually quite similar but the first slot machines are much more sophisticated in terms of both graphic quality and user-interactive elements. Likewise, traditional slot machines rarely contain bonuses, free spins or sophisticated elements, while the most modern video slots not only have better storylines and graphic quality but many more elements as well. 

Choose your favorite slot machine (3D slot, video slot, classic slot) and let the good times roll!