Sail the seas with the free casino game Pirates Caribbean!

Do you love free casino games? Have you ever dreamt about finding the pirate treasure? Don't miss the opportunity to get deep into the amazing world of the seven seas and the Caribbean mysteries! Be the first to get booty! Three bonus games will lead you to find out the hidden treasure.

Get ready to risk it all in The Chests! Make decisions on hunches in The Map! Respond at the speed of light in The Waterfall! And do your best to become the best pirate ever! Don't wait any longer to overcome the challenges of Pirates Caribbean! The most adventurous casino game of all online casino games!

piratescaribbean - The Game  
piratescaribbean - Minigame  
piratescaribbean - Big win  
Game Instructions

The time has come to board the pirate Slot. The Caribbean awaits you! Find all the treasures and ARRRR, have fun me pretties! Discover the secret code of the pirates, the three black flags, to access one of the THREE bonus games and master the three rules of the pirate code. First: a pirate knows when to take risks, prove it in “The Chests” bonus game. Second: a pirate lets himself be guided by his instincts, put it to the test in the “The Map” bonus game. Finally: a pirate knows how to react fast and effectively, increase your reaction speed with the bonus game: “The waterfall”. Master them all and become a true Pirate!

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