Free online bonus slots: Robin Hood

Robin Hood is one of our most entertaining and amazing online slot machines. Accept the challenge of our casino slot machine and play the roles of the legendary tale on each reel.

Steel coins, rise up straight to the top positions on the ranking and turn into the very Robin Hood of the slot games.

Be our Robin Hood and play our three bonus games: Wine Barrels, The Crossbow and Crazy Catapult.

Do you dare being Robin Hood?

robinhood - The Game  
robinhood - Minigame  
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Game Instructions

Welcome to the Robin Hood festival!, come on in, have fun and take part in this crazy slot machine. Find three or more fairies to access to any of the three surprising and rewarding Bonus Games: the first one is called “Wine Barrels”, how much wine can you get?, get more wine and win more coins!. The second one is called “The Crossbow”, shoot without hesitation to strike the apple and gain big prizes in coins. You have 6 opportunities, after each shoot you can take your prize or keep playing to earn a bigger one, but be careful!, if you choose wrong you might end with a smaller one! The third and last minigame is the “Crazy Catapult”, fire at the right moment to throw the stone as far as possible, the longer the distance, the bigger the prize!

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