Lucky Jack: the slot machines game that brings good luck

Are you a superstitious person? Do you love trying your luck? Lucky Jack is the slot machines game you were waiting for! Don't wait any longer to try to get the wild symbol, Lucky Jack's head! And do your best to get the three golden pots needed to face the bonus game! Through 5 reels and 10 lines

Lucky Jack will give you treasured moments! But that's not all! The bonus game will reward you with even more wild symbols. You just have to get the clover, the hat or the horseshoe! Are you ready to try your luck playing one of the best slot machines online? Play Lucky Jack right now

luckyjack - The Game  
luckyjack - Minigame  
luckyjack - Big win  
Game Instructions

The scatter symbol is the golden pot. To trigger the Bonus game three or more pots of gold have to appear on any reel, this awards the scatter prize and begins a random number of Free Spins. During this Free Spins, the hat, clover and horseshoe figures will mutate to the wild symbol if doing so awards additional prizes. Use the trophy button and you will see the Paytable, the "?" button shows the help pages and the mute button silences the game.

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