Sports Bar: free slot machine

People ask me. Where can I spend my free time? Here we have the answer: the Sports Bar free slot machine. The fun is guaranteed in this slot machine which combines two of the most pleasant elements of all time: the bars and the slots.

Slots Bar awaits you! This bar is open 24 hours a day, so you can have fun playing with it whenever you want. Spin to your hearts content! Obtain three or more dartboards to access one of the most enjoyable bonus game of the occasion: The Darts! Your luck comes into play in this exciting game where you’ll have to throw three or more darts and hit the target. Aim for the bulls-eye!. But be careful, if you miss you don't win any prize. Chill out and enjoy this playful casino slot machine.

sportsbar - The Game  
sportsbar - Minigame  
sportsbar - Big win  
Game Instructions

In this game you win from left to right, from right to left and also with scatter prizes. The wild symbol is the dartboard, if you get three or more you’ll access The Darts bonus game. The number of dartboards you obtain will be the number of darts you get. More darts equals more opportunities to win better prizes, and at the same time implies a higher chance to obtain a bigger reward. In each successful throw you’ll win a prize, the closer you are to the bulls-eye, the bigger the prize. All the coins you win will pile with the previous darts, at the end of the game you’ll earn the fully accumulated prize. The mute button silences the game and the “i” shows the paytable and the help page.

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