Stone Slot: funniest slot machine of the stone age

Do you like to laugh and have fun? Dinosaurs? Fairs? Search no more, you will find all this fun in Stone Slot! You would have never imagined that the slot machines and the fair could be such an amazing combination. And all this for free.

Welcome to the great fair of the slot machines: Stone Slot! A delightful game you can play at any time. Get three or more slingshots to enter this acclaimed bonus game, The Fantastic Dinos! Your luck and aim will be tested in this exciting game where you throw three or more stones and try to knock down as many dinos as you can. But be careful! if you miss, you won’t get any prize. Don’t miss the fun and play this breathtaking free slot machine. It rocks! ;)

stoneslot - The Game  
stoneslot - Minigame  
stoneslot - Big win  
Game Instructions

In this slot machine game you win by combining from left to right, right to left and in scatter. The wild symbol is the slingshot, if you get three or more you will access the bonus game: the Fantastic Dinos! Depending on how many slingshots you get, you will be able to throw three or more stones. More stones means more opportunites and, as such, the chance to win bigger prizes! Each stone that hits a dino will award you a prize, the harder you hit a dinosaur the bigger the prize. Each prize will pile up with the previous ones and, at the end of the game, you will get the accumulated amount. And all this for free in this amazing game. The mute button will silence the game music and/or the in-game effects, the “i” shows the paytable and the helpage.

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